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Payment Gateways

E-commerce payment gateways are financial service companies that act as a payment go-between between buyers and sellers. Traditional payment gateways include credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. New payment gateways include PayPal in the United States, Alipay in China, Paystack in Nigeria, and many others.

Why Are Local E-Commerce Payment Gateways Important?

Providing a local, familiar, and trusted local payment gateway is one of the most important factors in e-commerce conversions. E-commerce store operators report sales increases of 20 to 120 percent by providing a trusted local country payment gateway as a payment option.

Top E-Commerce Payment Gateways for Estonia
Name URL Description Logo

Businesses of all sizes both online and in person can send and receive payments with Stripe.
BitPay This payment processing service allows vendors and merchants to accept cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
2checkout This major global payment processor allows for a number of payment options.

This payment gateway allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others.

Braintree processes a variety of online payment methods for e-commerce companies.